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tv   ABC2 News at 530PM  ABC  November 12, 2012 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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the new police commissioner is talking about the situation. >> this is not what he want to be talking b suspended without pay is what the department does when this involve as felony. the officer is elliot steinman. he works out of the northwest district. over the weekend police got an allegation that there was a sexual misconduct involving an 18-year-old woman. the commissioner did not specify what happened. they gave a brief statement. what we do know is given the woman's age, 18, this is not a statutory rape charge. the commissioner would not say whatever sexual act did or did not take place, whether this was consensual, that the officer is being investigated involving a felony. >> the special investigation section received a complain of
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alleged sexual misconduct between an 18-year-old fee mail and an on duty police officer. the allegation are very serious. as a result we have suspended a 13-year veteran. 39-year-old elliot simmon while we conduct this criminal and internal investigation. >> reporter: you heard the commissioner referred to him has elliot sim month. his last name is simon. the commissioner did not take questions after the brief statement which only lasted a minute. they will determine whether charges should be filed. breaking news out of downtown baltimore, an officer that works out of the northwest district has been suspended after an allegation of sex misconduct. we'll have more for you when we get it. live in downtown baltimore,
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christian schaffer. yet another water main break in the city today and work continues on the broken mane on north charles. the latest ask on madison, right in mt. vernon. aging infrastructure led to it. more fallout between david petraeus and paula broadwell. s ptz could be prosecuted -- petraeus could be prosecuted for adult ri. customers at monarch medspa may not get a de-- refund. the company said it does not have the financial ability to give refunds. monarch is telling them they can
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go to other facilities but the two closest are in delaware and pennsylvania. >> a very warm dpairks temperatures pushing 70 including here in baltimore, 69. 72 in easton. the wind gusts are at 20, so a breezy night, giving an indication of a change in the wind. cold november rain rolling in out of the west, will be dousing maryland making for a wet morning commute. showers by midnight, rain and wind as you wake up early tomorrow morning. we'll talk about how fast this gets out of here. it's a wild ride coming up. >> sunday at the race track turned into a ring site seat like it's a boxing max. >> nothing after the race in phoenix. it was fast and furious. >> it's being called the most chaotic race of the year. sunday's brawl broke out in
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arizona after road rage came to a head. gordon number 24 said boyer number 15 got close. >> turning him into the low. >> reporter: gordon deliberately took boyer out. >> just had it. he has run into me numerous times. minutes later boyer hit gordon. >> it's pretty embarrassing for a tower-time champion and what i consider one of the best in sports to act like that is completely ridiculous. >> reporter: but the crowd loved it and erupted in cheers. most fans are taking sides on twitter. what happened here has also
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divided drivers. >> these guys just tried to kill each other. >> reporter: and this brawl may have a see equal. >> reporter: nascar said it is reviewing what's happening. what happened, penalties will almost certainly be handed down. >> there could be a part two. we want to know what you think about this. should something like this make a race more exciting and interesting or dangerous and poor sportsmanship. >> baltimore honored our current and former service members today as the city's annual veterans day ceremony was held at the plaza. it started with a march led by the mayor and other dignitary members. they marched from mt. vernon square to the plays disa. this is the third year that the
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ceremony has taken place. their mission is to serve in afghanistan and iraq. their mission is to make barbecue. don harrison has more. >> reporter: here at mission barbecue they have a goal. >> hope to serve about 1,000 veterans today. >> reporter: not a single one will pay for their meal. >> for us it's to take great food and to serve these american heroes and say thanks. >> how you doing? >> reporter: one of those heroes is 91-year-old claude. he served under general patton. he said it it's such a nice gesture. >> so outstanding. >> reporter: this is not a plaque or a sculpture. it's a cake. it's a creation of charm city cakes, an exact replica of the
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iwo jima replica. >> this probably took our staff about 60 hours. >> you don't see too many people recognizing vets. it's a really good feeling to see something like this come about. >> reporter: in many ways, every day is veterans day at missions barbecue. they sing the star spangled banner always at noon. with an event this special, it serves up a lot of emotions. >> i just want them to know i am still proud to be an american. i thank them for letting me be that. >> reporter: not all of bill's family could be there. his son andrew is a marine serving in japan as we speak. in glen burnie, don harrison, abc2 news. >> what a story. >> awesome. >> man, we've got to run that again at 11. a week from today mission
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barbecue will be opening up a brand-new location. it will be in perry hall and will carry on the same tradition. >> last week walmart told us they who open at 8:00 on thanksgiving night. guess who's joining the crowd? toys 'r us. if you like hikes and love to travel and eat peanuts, we have the job for you. why there's a vacancy seen on the door. coming up. >> on the day that's a holiday for many this veterans day, we look at the u.s. naval can't. warm breezy day. man, will it be different tomorrow. we'll talk about it straight ahead.
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you can add toys 'r us to the list of stores adding black friday. there will be more than 200 door bifortses for early shoppers, including gifts cards for apple products. the chain has been work hard to promote its electronics. >> another looming problem for the airline tri-- industry.
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airlines are facing a serious pilot shortage. requirements are going into effect. they will raise the cost and time to train new pilots while pay cuts and demanding schedules make the jobless attractive, and making things even worse thousands of senior pilots are facing the mandatory retirement. >> i wouldn't mind being a pilot. >> hey, a discount on car insurance sounds great. the insurance companies are offering lower rates if you let them track your driving. is that worth it? >> for some people a trip to the mall is a major temptation. how shopping addiction is overtaking the lives of so. kelly swoope?
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the sun sets at 4:54. 64. a warm evening. wepts are southeasterly at 12. that is warm breeze. weather and motion through the day, our weather bug camera high atop ccbc. i thought most of the leaves would be down by now. a beautiful day if you get outside, maybe take in lunch if you have lunch outside with the federal holiday. mid-60s but colder air will arrive by this time tomorrow. that south breeze definitely keeping us on the warmer than average side. cold front marching in. we know the warm weather will not hold in november, december, january or february. this will come in during the overnight hours bring the chance for rain past 11 p.m. and will linger toward 5, 6, 7
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a.m. then we clear things out pretty nicely tomorrow night. still breezy and cold. tuesday looks clear and that's going to last until mid-week. tuesday will be a day of clearing late in the day but starts off ugly. cold air marching in. that will be around in the morning. you'll feel the cold. tomorrow night it should be clearing out. temperatures will struggle to get out of the 40s. then we'll warm up. line of showers here. you see the rain coming down from detroit and pittsburgh and reaching into the deep south. there's in death around this line of rain. tonight 4, cloudy, windy. that rain arrives late. you have a few hours. that's going to change overnight. tomorrow we'll bring in rain for at least the first half of the day with clearing from west to east. eastern shore you're going to clear last. we'll all be clear but cold, down to the freezing mark.
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how is that? here's the setup. you see temperatures will struggle to get out of the 40s but they're back into the 50s thursday, friday and saturday. overall, the weekend setup not too bad it. looks warm hand mild on saturday. back to you guys well, auto insurers like progressive, state farm are offering programs to lower your insurance. >> some drivers are leery. they believe it invites big brother to go on a ride in the car with you. john matarese as more. >> reporter: how would you like a 20% discount on your car? to get it are you willing to let your insurance company monitor your driving? you may have seen ads for safe driving. >> do you own a home? discount. >> reporter: progressive offers
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a program called snapshot that can lower your rate up to 30%. you have to let them install a gadget to monitor your driving. >> i like this because it makes you aware of your driving. >> reporter: she signed up for snapshot on her ford. she's a naturally defensive driver but said it took awhile to have big brother watching her. >> at first i was worried about it. my husband was not. i was concerned about them tracking. >> so what's this like having your driving monitor. progressive sent us a snapshot. i soon learned any sort of hard stop triggers a warning beep. every hard stop is recorded and posted on progressive's website for you to see when you log. the spokesperson said, don't worry, your rates will not go up
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if you sign aggressively. this will go down if you watch the speed limit. >> the best case up to 30% off progressive's traditional rate. majority get a discount and the discount is around 10%. >> reporter: some critics worry it could avoid to running -- it could lead to running red lights to avoid a hard stop. >> it does not have gps. we do not know where you are. we are not track location. >> for kathleen, the savings of close to $100 a year was worth the discount. as for the car, no discount because of hard braking. don't look at me. i'm not the only one who drives these things. as for now it's optional.
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if you don't want anyone monitoring your driving, just say no thanks. that way you don't waste your money. i'm john matarese. >> all right. if you didn't catch all that and still weigh egg the options, you can find this story and all of john's reports on our money tab. just click on don't waste your money. >> soon, some local high schools are showing their apressure ace for veterans they're putting their artistic talent on display to raise funds for veterans, sherrie johnson has more. >> reporter: students have been hard at work for the past three weeks. they're putting their artistic crafts to use. it's a fund-raiser to help homeless veterans battling
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addiction. they have fought in war. we just wanted to give back to them and show them we appreciate what they've done land we want to help them out. >> it will be in a live auction. the proceeds will help the baltimore station. it's a residential recovery program for homeless veterans. >> it moved me to tears when i came in and saw the amount of work and effort that they put into this and that they, these kids took time out of their schedule, their free time to give something of themselves and the talent that they have and to share this with the community. >> reporter: students from six hear high schools are participating, each school entering a different piece of art. towson decorated this trunk. they painted a military uniform with boots and dog tags on the trunk. for them it's amazing to think this trunk went to war, possibly vietnam with a service member. >> think about what we've been
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given and it's great to be able to give back and help people or in need that maybe we can have a direct impact on. >> reporter: the proceeds from the fund-raiser will be used for recovery programs. for these students it brings a feeling of accomplishment to know they have helped those who have given so much. >> it will be coming up friday from 6 until 9 at the church of the redeemer in north baltimore. for more information about this fund-raiser, all you have to do is head to that baltimore station is a life saver if you step in there and she what they're doing. you can find the story under the education tab. coming up all new tonight at 6:00, a retired state trooper is being called a hero. high he turned the tables on an armed robber in cecil county.
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well, inside the brewer, there's a giant staircase. and the room is filled with all these different kinds of coffee. actually, i just press this button. brew what you love, simply. keurig. heading into the holidays, sometimes things can get out of
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creel. an estimated 18 million people are shopaholics. her addiction landed her on a reality show where a psychologist gave her a wakeup call. >> you're 32. you have no savings. you're broke. wow, that hurts. >> if shopping is causing problems, wrecking havoc on relationships or taking up a a large amount of time, then it's an adisix. >> many of you go to the dollar store to shop to find cheap cleaning supplies, but a pregnancy test? some dollar stores are actually offering $1 pregnancy tests. some stores sell them but they cost a whole lot more. but what about just paying a buck. >> there's a generic brand for everything. >> you can see the results
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tonight at 11. >> all right. j.c. penney is getting creative. >> what the store is doing to lure shoppers in. that story's coming up at 6, which starts right now. retired maryland trooper. he's being hailed a hero. >> a water main break in baltimore city, but this time in the mt. vernon neighborhood. >> the attorney for monarch medspa responds to why the company can't give its patients refunds. >> police are looking for a convenience store robbery. >> jeff hager has more on how a customer turned the tables on an armed gunman. >> you see this? >> caught on camera, a man walks into t


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